Sent Messages Statistics
A complete and detailed supervision of each and every message sent, and data segmentation according to the recipient’s response.
You can see:
  • The number of Emails sent.
  • The number of Emails opened and a list of the recipients who read them.
  • The Clicks through Rate (CTR) and a list of the recipients who accessed them.
  • A list of the recipients who read the mail but didn’t use any of the links.
  • The number of unopened Emails, and a list of the recipients who did not open them.
V.I.Plus Mailing System |Received Messages Statistics  
V.I.Plus Mailing System allows you to maintain full supervision over emails who did not reach their destination or that have been rejected, and to processes the data received from the recipients’ servers and their rejection reasons.
Rejected mails are divided into three categories: 
  • ‘Hard’ rejections – nonexistent or cancelled email address. Rejections which usually justify further examination and refresh of your contact information.
  • ‘Soft’ rejections – server problems, a full mail box, etc., usually caused by temporary problems with the recipients.
  • Produces a list of recipients with false addresses and suggest correction possibilities.
V.I.Plus Mailing System | ”Template Plus ” System
Our advance template system allows you to select the most suitable mailing template out of a rich array of existing pre-fabricated templates, and to custom fit the template for the exact needs of your target audience. The system is user friendly, easy to use, and allows you to create professionally looking  emails with a complex design, in a short time and with relative ease: just add the logo, text and photos in their place and you will receive a professionally branded newsletter. The template system is modular and allows you to add and remove content, change content order through simple drag and drop and to easily redesign the existing items without influencing all the other items in the newsletter.
V.I.Plus Mailing System |Integration with Facebook
V.I.Plus Mailing System includes a Facebook application that allows you to add a “join our newsletter” tab to your business page. The signup tab can be edited to include marketing materials, including: photos, movies, sale vouchers etc., which can help sway more people to sign up.
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