Campaigns - We have added an option to change the From name and email address for each campaign.
It's available via advanced tab in the campaign edit.  

Landing page - We have added an option to design the submit button an set the height, width and and add an icon to the button 

SSL - the links to landing pages, embedded forms and pop-ups are all under SSL protocol and can be used in secured websites

Landing page - Now you can set a different background to every section and add sections to your landing page

Smart link - A new option to update contact details via smart link 

Campaigns / Landing pages - A new columns block was added

Automation - We are proud to introduce our new automation system Smoove

Reference source - Reference source can be added to a landing page url. add ?cs=source to the url and it will appear in contact detail and when exporting your contacts list. 

Newsletters - When using an image block lease enter ALT text that will be shown when the image is not displayed.

An Accessibility option was added to the landing pages and campaigns.

Lead generator - Now you can restrict subscription and define whether an existing contact can register again

Landing page - new Contact button that enables phone call option directly from the landing page.

Campaigns - we added Google Analytics integration.   
New option in personalized fields - option list (multiple selection).

lead generation - now you can save the thank you page as a template.

Campaigns - There is an option to Exclude recipients when sending a newsletter.

When adding a communication or reminder on our CRM modul, you can choose 'other' on communication type

Now you can search for deleted contacts as we added a search field in the recycle bin

Unsubscribe list: filter your unsubscribers and view them without hard bounces.

Automation: Show campaign for list menu - lists with a drip campaign / autpresponder will be highlighted in green
and number of letters will be noted.

Test mail mechanism: It's now possible to send your test mail to more than one contact.

Landing pages: You can set an alternative mobile page for those who open your landing page by their mobile device. Go to your Landing page’s Advanced tab to select the smartphone page link.

Landing pages: Your ”Thank you page” has a unique URL now. 

Search contacts: A new search option: by the contact’s registration source.


New export buttons- The export of the lists of email campaigns, landing pages, smartphone campaigns, forms and contact lists is now available.


Email Campaigns- The Snooze Block- You can now let your recipients choose the convenient time to get your campaigns.



Email Campaigns- You can upload your campaign directly from a Zip file.



Email Campaigns- For easier search you can add a campaign name to the Advanced tab.



Landing Pages- You can now personalized the notifications you get when a new contact subscribed through a landing page. Go to Settings > Custom settings and upload your Logo there.



Email Campaigns + Landing Pages- Product Block- We have added more layouts.



Email Campaigns- You can share your campaign on Facebook or Twitter directly after sending it.



Email Campaigns + Landing Pages- You can cancel the last editing or styling move with our new Undo button.



Landing Pages- You can now trace the registration date by a landing page for each contact. 

Yes/No fields- You can now change the default answer of those fields when you display them on your landing pages.

Campaign Statistics- You can now click on Unique Clicks to find out who have clicked on each link.

New block for Landing pages: The Cowntdown. Adding a countdown timer allows your landing page's visitors to see, in real time, the exact amount of time they have left to complete your offer. 


Little changes at the editing interface: You can find the edit options on purple buttons in regular blocks and on blue buttons in a container block. Those buttons help you edit, change style or layout, clone, delete, target the specific block or the whole container, respectively.


Landing pages news: You can add a video as a background to your landing page. Add a Youtube or Vimeo link, make your form transparent and get the perfect affect.



Smartphone pages news: Add a WhatsApp Share button and let your sale / event / product get much wider exposure among your clients' friends and WhatsApp groups.  You can find the WhatsApp Share button at the Advanced tab of the Add Block bar.

New at the Social Bar block - a link to Viber. Add that link to your campaign and have your audience connect to your Viber chat.

New option on landing pages: Go to the Advanced tab and choose your Subscription Actions. For instance: If a contact exists/doesn't exist in some kind of a list, subscribe him to another list, unsubscribe him from another list or remove him to the black list.

A new block for your landing pages: The Slider. With the Slider you can present many beautiful images in an attractive way. Just easily add multiple images and present them in a single position on your landing page, without taking up too much room. More than that, you can customize their transition and navigation settings.

The Event block: It's now possible for your clients to add your event to their Outlook's calendar. Add that block and book clients to your workshops and webinars.

For your convenience we've divided the edit boxes of the different blocks into tabs. The 1st tab is for content, the 2nd tab is for link and the 3rd one is for picture.

Landing pages, pop-ups or embed forms: The link or code to embed is located at the Publish Options button now.

We've added Step by Step Tutorials. Go to the dashboard or to the support menu and try the general overview, first campaign or first landing page wolkthrough.

Using Google Analytics? You can now track visitors from email campaigns. Look for the Advanced tab in your campaign, Enable Google Analytics integration and add the domains you are tracking.

You can add more than one users (admins) to work with the C.R.M. module, so that each user will follow up his own costumers. contact us for more details.

We have added two new field types: Text Area: for longer comments and Number: for digits only fields.


New! Drag&Drop a call-to-action Button into your newsletter, edit its title and style. Then add a link to your e-shop, landing page or to a reply mail.

New tool combining the landing pages and the CRM- You can now create automatic reminder to followup new leads. Go to Landing page's Settings tab to create the automatic reminder. later on go to CRM menu and make sure you don't miss any of your new interested contacts.


While sharing your landing page on Facebook, you can now choose the picture, the title and the content of the post. Go to Advanced tab of the landing page to use it.


Have you already used our Smart link in your campaigns? You can now use the Smart link to choose the landing or Smartphone page to link to from a list. When your contacts open the landing page, their details will automatically be filled out in the form’s fields. You can also target the content or style according to contacts’ fields.


New options for the Smart link: User friendly link for landing page from a list, share options, system pages, phone and more. You can also set the trigger out of the click on the link: Add or remove from a list, send contact’s details to an email address or unsubscribe.


Targeting options: We have opened targeting options not only for campaigns but also for landing pages’ “Thank you” pages.


You can now search inactive contacts. Go to Search contacts and look for contacts who receive more than X campaigns and haven’t opened any of them.

Paragraph's style moved from general style to the paragraph style

New! A/B Split Campaign : You can try 2 different versions of your campaign on a sample group out of your contacts. The better version (by clicks or by open rate) will be automatically sent to the rest of your contacts.

New! you can now add Bullets block to your campaigns and landing pages and edit your text in a list format.

Our new targeting module enables you to create a campaign that automatically fits the reader’s characteristic i.e. you can add content that is revealed only to contacts with specific criteria.

3 New ways to advertise your landing pages: with a personal link, by directing a CNAME record and by IFRAME

Auto launch> birthday greetings & special occasions: we have added more time intervals.
Landing pages > Advanced tab: we have added an option to put tracking and conversation codes in the head and in the body of the page.
You can now drag & drop blocks (title, article, image, paragraph etc.) from the left bar to a specific location at the newsletter or the landing pages.
The embed wizard & The Pop-up wizard - You can now get the embed code after saving and clicking on the publish button.
You can now choose to autoplay YouTube videos embedded in the landing pages.

Campaign statistics contain now data about operation system, email client and device type.

With the new Pop-up wizard you can now build & design a pop-up box to add visitors from your site to your mailing lists. You can also set the box frequency.

You can now choose the type of a list: private or public. Public list enables contacts who want to update their contact details to see the list’s name. Private list conceals its name.

The Smart Link enables you to accomplish a compound process only by one simple click.
One simple click that will add a contact the a new list, remove a contact from one or more lists and add him to a new list and send the contact's details to a mail address.

Each contact has a communication line now. It contains a list of the newsletters he has got and an indication whether he opened the mail or not. you can also add more communications like phone calls, and get a reminder to call him back.

You can now import contacts from your Gmail account directly. There is no need to export and import Excel files.

We have added an advanced pictures editor. You can now add texts, effects, stickers, frames and more to your pictures.

You can now get reminders from our CRM, and approach directly to the contacts communication line.

Landing pages- you can now add more than one landing page to your Facebook page.

Landing pages- you can now add a remarketing code to your landing pages.

Landing pages- you can place the fields’ labels above, beside or inside the fields.

Landing pages- you can now place the form’s button in the corner, beside in the center of the form.

From now on, you don’t have to re-upload old images. You can choose an image for your campaign or landing page from your gallery.

Landing pages- you can now add a background image.

Landing pages- you can now set the form’s width as you wish.


It’s time to think outside the (in)box and turn your marketing efforts into closed deals!

Our new CRM tools provide you with a comprehensive and personal view of all your incoming and outgoing communications (emails, SMS, landing pages, and more) with each and every client, allowing you to leverage this information to close a deal.

The communication line allows you to get a detailed and personal view of all your incoming and outgoing communications with a specific client and leverage this information to close the deal.

0 2/04/14
How about letting your clients choose which newsletter they'll get from you? Now, with our new subscription field button, you will be able to do just that. Your clients will be able to subscribe to a specific mailing list, and get targeted mailings.

You can now add different elements to the subscription form. Just click on the element you want and then drag & drop it to your desired location on the form.

We added new mailing templates, Check them out!

From now on it is possible to control the spacing between the different elements in your campaigns

It is now possible to create a new contact list, by merging your existing lists and choosing which contacts will be included in the new merged list. 

Sell directly from your landing pages with our new PayPal embed feature.

All newsletter templates are now responsive. Give 90% or your users a better reading experience with mobile devices.

The embed wizard now has JavaScript code for more embed option in any landing page, website and open source systems such as Word press and more.

Custom templates: You can now save any landing page design as a custom template for easier reuse.

Landing pages: new design tool will enable you to add elements such as pictures, forms, products and more. Drag & drop them to any location and use the design menu to fully customize them.

In the unsubscribe list you are able to see any unsubscribe due to hard bounces.

We have upgraded the personal fields - you can now set field types (Test, Date, Yes/No and list).

An additional Exporting Upgrade!
As of today; when you view a contact on export; you can also see all the other lists which he or she are assigned to.
New on the blocked contact list:
When you view a contact that has requested to be removed; you can also see the reason for the request and personal remarks regarding it.
Have you created a really amazing newsletter?
Now you can turn it into a template!

Save your newsletter as a template at the “my templates” zone and use it each time you want to create a newsletter. 
You can also create several templates to send to different target markets…

Using the social toolbar ? Great! we've added a new Pintrest icon and an additional special icon, you can use to direct traffic to your website.

We are proud to present our new upgraded Magic Template: we’ve made designing a newsletter smarter; easier; more flexible and most of all- attractive & interesting.
Use components such as: paragraph; social bar; video and product implementation; drag & drop them at your desired location; click the little arrows to modify the newsletter’s grid; resize pictures; switch colors; backgrounds and fonts by just clicking the design button. 
Want to try? Go t campaigns > create campaign
New on send metrics: as of toady; each newsletter’s statistics will also show who requested to be removed from the mailing list due to the newsletter and why.
The contacts search engine has been upgraded and now enables creating a list based on the search results and immediately sending a mail to that list.
We’ve upgraded the personal fields (merge tags) mechanism so you can now add unlimited personal fields (such as: client’s number; their child’s name; their interests etc.)
Go to settings > general settings > personalized fields.
In addition; we’ve expanded the search engine to enable a search according to your personalized defined fields. 
Starting from today you can implement a video into your newsletter. 
Let the video speak for you!
In order to save you valuable time, It is now possible to clone  landing pages .
Press the "Clone" button on the bottom and then return to the landing page list. The new page will be listed there.

Save precious time. It is now possible to duplicate campaigns in the auto sequence mail. Duplicate the same mail on the same list or even move it to a different one. 

We have added the option to create a dynamic list from campaign statistics and immediately launch another campaign to the list.
Example: send a campaign to all contacts that opened or clicked on the previous campaign.

We’ve upgraded the “ Search Contacts ” component so that you can easily create various mailing lists according to the search results.

New video tutorials were added. You can view the tutorials at the Dashboard ("Video Tutorials").

We added "Pre-Like" functionality to the facebook wizard. Now you can ask your page visitors to click "Like" before you expose your page content.

New landing pages designs were added.

You can now add attached files to your newsletters.

The stats have been upgraded. Now you can compare between campaigns, know what days and hours your subscribers are reading your campaigns, how many have forwarded the campaign to friends and more.

We added "Send to a friend" button. The button can be added anywhere in the campaign, clicking on it will enable your subscriber to forward the campaign to a friend and enables them to subscribe.

Congratulations! We have added "Birthday greeting" module. Now you can send personal birthday greetings to your subscribers automatically.

We have upgraded the "Autoresponder". Now you can create a specific autoresponder for each list.

We added the " Magic Template " (Beta).
This template combines various elements, such as content items, products, events, social and more.
The elements can be added to your newsletter via the elements toolbar.

We would love to know what you think of it and hear you ideas.

More design real-estate for your comfort!
Now, pressing the " full screen " button will open the design panel on the entire screen.

You can now recieve subscribe and unsubscribe email notifications.

To manage notifications go to " settings " in the main menu.

Landing page forms were updated.
Now subscribers will be able to enable or disable send permissions while registering.

We have upgraded the system and added a comfortable; efficient Dashboard to the control center; which includes:

A user panel – enabling easy access to your account activities: purchase mailing packages; create campaigns; create SMS massages.

Campaign statistics – data regarding your last campaigns.

Contacts data – a list of contacts who recently subscribed.