Shopping page

Instead of sending your recipient down to the store…

Send down a shopping page.

Even if you don't have an online store or a payment system… you can still easily sell your products on a newsletter shopping page.

What’s on the SHOPPING PAGE:

1. A catalog – displaying a layout of your products alongside their picture; price and additional details. Clicking a product leads to a more elaborated product page.

2. Shopping cart – products chosen to be purchased will be saved in the cart while your customers keep viewing the catalog.

3. delivery system

4. A purchase form - the form  is secured and supports a variety of charging methods:

  • Call back sale - the customer will fill in hers or his contact details so that a sales representative can contact them to make the transaction


  • PayPal – a secured payment will be made directly to your PayPal account


  • Direct charge – a secured purchase executed by TRANZILA. Supporting a variety of credit cards. You will be charged according to your transactions amount.


5. Product managing interface – enables updating products' details; price; picture etc.

6. Delivery managing system – enables tracking orders and viewing their status (in process; done; sent; closed request)

7. Advanced features – coupons; discounts; additional products etc. 

Shopping page
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