• Add targeted content to your campaigns

    V.I.Plus continues to provide you with advanced personalization tools. Our new module enables you to build a targeted newsletter and automatically customized it to different customers’ characteristics.
  • Analyzing delivery statistics

    As business owners and as advertisers it is important to measure the results of your marketing efforts. When it comes to V.I.Plus's email marketing system, it’s very easy to measure results. all you nedd to know is how to analyze our statistics
  • The potential of your mailing list

    you might think that customers on your mailing list are already “bought”. However, the opposite is true it’s important that they purchase the product and recommend it to others.
  • Gmail’s new Categorical format…

    Google has changed the Gmail mail box format and split it into categories: “Primary”; “Social” and “Promotions”…this new method has advantages for those who know how to acquire trust amongst their recipients.
  • Email marketing with Added Value

    Your recipients want value for their time. Your job, when is to identify what added value they will be most happy to receive in your newsletter
  • Adjusting newsletters to a Mobile Phone Format

    Want to increase its exposure and opening rate? Mobile content consumers are a segmented target market just like any other. This group needs to be addressed to in its own language and offered solutions designed specifically for its own needs
  • Improving and collecting data using a registration form

    Perhaps when you established your email marketing list and collected the customer’s details you weren’t too demanding and were satisfied with just their name and email address. But what do you do when the marketing strategy develops and changes?
  • Networking through an Email Marketing System

    how do you create an email marketing list for colleagues or people who haven't been customers in the past?
  • “Send to a Friend” Button

    How can you reach more people than those listed in your mailing list? Make it simple and easy for your customers to send a friend any newsletter they receive.
  • Newsletter Opening rate

    An email marketing system provides data regarding the newsletter’s status (whether it was opened, deleted, did the customer click an attached link etc.), in order to help you decide whether to maintain or improve the current marketing strategy.
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