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Hello Jonathan,
During the past few weeks I have been experimenting with your system as well as with other emailing systems.

I’d like to mention that your system was clear, comfortable and easy to use. I thought I would encounter many difficulties but gladly I found that your system meets most needs.
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Email Marketing
An advanced, user friendly emailing system enables managing a complete e-marketing campaign:
Create designed & professional newsletter and launch it towards your customers within seconds.
Create unlimited mailing lists an easily add contacts from any source.
Enjoy the comfort of full synchronization of the system with mobile; net; social and more.  

Campaign Statistics

Useful & updated statistics will be available within few seconds after the launch, presenting useful date; such as: open rates, click rates, soft and hard bounces and more.
Start mailing right now!
  • 90% read their email on smartphones and on desktops as well

    V.I.Plus sends responsive emails that automatically adjust their display to suite
    the mobile display

    Auto adjust mail layout to device
    Auto adjust text and buttons
    Auto adjust images width to device width
    Option to navigate with Waze

  • Turn Facebook surfers into mailing contacts…
    using the Facebook Wizard

    With the Facebook Wizard you can easily create:
    A personalized “join mailing” tab - attract new recipients to join your list!
    A registration form – make the registration fun & simple!
    A “thank you” page – congratulate new registrants!

  • The landing page wizard will take your business higher!

    Build a Landing Page to support your campaign and generate leads:
    An easy to use template system will help you:

    Create and design a free independent landing page
    Add a registration form and define which list the subscribers will be
          directed to.
    Implement your new landing page (your site; your on-line ad;
          your newsletter etc.) using an implementation code.
  • Meet your new marketer, designer and programmer- the SmartPhone Wizard!

    Build an entire cellular campaign using just one effective; user friendly interface - The SmartPhone Wizard:

    A free independent Landing Page
    A personalized registration form
    A “thank you” page - to welcome new registrants
    A routing definition - to ascribe registrants to a specific mailing list
    A QR code - to direct customers from Offline ads to your Online campaign
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