On ‘News’ and ‘Letters’

Anyone with an active email account is familiar with them--they arrive regularly in our incoming mail folder with intriguing subject lines– the Newsletters. What’s the difference between a burdensome newsletter that quickly finds his way into the trash bin, and a good newsletter which gives businesses a marketing advantage and its readers true added value, the kind of newsletter that actually makes people wait for it to come?

What is exactly a ‘newsletter’?
A newsletter is a regularly distributed letter to recipients who agreed to receive it (according to the SPAM Law) which contains information, news, and updates related to the company thatpublished it. The newsletter’s target audience can be customers, potential customers, employees, members of organizations and associations, subscribers with an interest in a particular field, and more.

Who needs a newsletter and why?
If used properly, a newsletter can be  an excellent marketing tool. The main advantage of newsletters is ease of distribution with just the click of a button and at very low costs, marketing information that directlyreaches thousands of recipients. A good newsletter is one that manages  to intelligently integrate  marketing information that the company wishes to distribute and interesting and useful information, that provides real value to its target audience. Such information will not only make the recipients  open the newsletter and read it, but also preserve it and even pass it on to other people – an act that with time expands marketing exposure and strengthens the brand name and the company’s sales.
One of the main goals of the newsletter is to create a relationship with the customers by maintaining regular contact with them. The ability to produce a permanent presence inside the personal mailbox of existing and potential clients is an important marketing tool in the customer preservation kit. Many times, maintaining regular contact prevents customers from becoming passive, because it drives them to act (purchase, access the company’s website, read an interesting article, print a coupon, share information, etc.), and in that way it increases their loyalty and involvement.
Alongside the greatest advantages of the newsletter, it is important to be careful and to make sure not to cause undesirable effects that might harm your business. There is a fine  line between an interesting newsletter and a burdensome and annoying one that will cause the opposite of the desired effect . It is important to invest thought and effort in the building, designing and writing of the newsletter, and of course – to send it only to recipients who actually wish to receive it.

How do you do it?
Like any other marketing tool, the newsletter also needs to answer the business’s tactical and strategic needs. Before you start writing the content,  try to answer a few questions:
  • Who? Who is this newsletter addressed to and what characterizes the target audience of this newsletter? What would you like the outcomes of reading it to be?Forexample: strengthening the relationship with the customer, turning a dormant customer into an active customer, returning customers, increasing sales, increasing site traffic, strengthening company image and more…
  • What? What kind of content will be included in the newsletter? It is important to decide on a fixed template, one that will make it easier for you to write  and will create fixed reading habits for  the user. It is important to keep the newsletter content in balanced with marketing content (new products, promotion sales, news about the company) and useful content (articles, tips, recommendations, case studies).
  • When? How often should you distribute the newsletter – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annually. It is important to make sure the frequency of distribution is fixed and sustainable. 
  • Where? Finding an advanced mailing system for the production and distribution of an effective newsletter is a vital step towards achieving greater efficiency and maximum results.
What constitutes as a good mailing system?
A good mailing system is one  that allows  for large quantities of mail to be send  and for quick and easy management of different mailing listsfor someone with no special technical background. A good mailing system allows you to receive accurate indication regarding  the usage of your newsletter – how many and which recipients have read it, who accessed the links in the newsletter and more. It is important that the process of joining the mailing list  be easy and accessible to users on your site  andit is also important that the system allow simple and easy input of existing mailing lists (and their removal, if necessary).

ATP-LOGIC solution –V.I.Plus Mailing System

The V.I.Plus Mailing System is a professional and innovative system, which provides the perfect solution for  easy distribution of a newsletter in a wide circulation, with no need for technical knowledge. In addition, the system allows sending text messages (SMS) and a professional and efficient management of customer clubs, which in turn allows the user to save a lot of personal details about the club members.
Among the many characteristics and advantages of the system, it is important to note the ability to  organize your mailing lists into different categories and  produce mailing lists for general or specific distribution. This allows you to send mail only to customers who, for example, celebrate their birthday in the coming month, or just to the ones who have children.
Another important component of  the system allows for the personalization of the  mails you send  through the insertion of relevant personal details within your newsletter fields. Thus, for example, it is possible to send mail that includes the client’s name, and many other details that can vary from client to client , thereby turning any newsletter into kind of a personal postcard for the recipient.
Another important feature is the V.I.Plus mailing system’s ability to follow your mailing results and the level of its efficiency in real time. The system can send the user various reports, such as: number of recipients to which each newsletter was sent, the percentage of recipients who read the newsletter and the number of Clicks through Rate (CTR), a report of false and non-delivered mails and more.
Among the customers that enjoy the V.I.Plus system you can find NRG Maariv newspaper, the Association of Travel Agents, “Car” magazine, the Center for Business Training, UNICEF, and many more. You can experience the above system for yourself, free of charge and without no commitment, with a capacity of up to a hundred mails a month. To open a trial account –press here.
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