You have just launched a new product into the public market. Now all you need to do is… sell it!
  Research shows that marketing costs make up approximately 60% of the product’s costs

So you can start investing in an advertising campaign; you can buy ads on Google and Facebook; you can even buy giant billboards and hope some of the people who see them will be interested enough to call and perhaps buy the product. This will cost you a lot of money, time and energy.

And the reward for this is…?

On the other hand;
You can approach a well-categorized database of existing clients, whose personal information and preferences are already known. These are people who have either purchased or have considered purchasing your products or services in the past. these clients know you and trust you. When it comes to these particular clinents; you can foresee exactly how they will respond to your new product. These are the members of your distribution list.

  Research shows that the costs of recruiting a new client are 6 times higher than preserving an existing client

To make this even more comfortable and easy, all you need is the four P’s:
Personal relationship with the client
P resenting the client with your products and services
Profound trust and loyalty between the client and you
P roduct acquisition means that are easy, simple and efficient.
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