Analyzing delivery statistics

As business owners and as advertisers it is important to measure the results of your marketing efforts. When it comes to email marketing, it’s very easy to measure results using a range of parameters; such as: how many people opened the newsletter, who they are, how many clicked an attached link and which link they clicked, how many forwarded the newsletter to a friend, which emails bounced and why and more…

An email marketing system monitors this data automatically so the hardest job for the common mailer would be reviewng the prepared statistics and coming to conclusions regarding the next steps.


Which statistics are presented on the V.I.Plus system:

Newsletter's opening rate:
This provides the names of those who opened the newsletter and the percentage in relation to the total mailing list. The time that the mail was opened is also shown.  This helps to understand how long it takes the customer to relate to the newsletter and if there are specific time slots where they are more likely to respond.  In your following email marketing campaigns it is recommended that you match delivery time to opening time.


When sending a newsletter with links (to products, articles etc.) it’s possible to see who pressed which link. This lets you see which links are most popular, which readers are interested in which links and to identify those who prefer to read the body of the newsletter rather than click on links.


Referral rate
The V.I.Plus system enables you to add a “Send to a Friend” button to each newsletter which allows the reader to easily forward the newsletter to others.  Knowing what mails had an especially high referral rate can be an indication of the content's interest and help you decide whether to continue; modify or stop a specific newsletter from running.


Information not yet listed
The system counts a recipient as someone who opened a newsletter as soon as they either click an attached image or the link for displaying an image; or click a link in the body of the newsletter.


If the recipient has read the newsletter but hasn't opened an image or a link, they won't enter the statistical count – despite having actually read the newsletter. Hotmail and Gmail, for example, use a default option while opening a newsletter so that the attached images don’t automatically open. These recipients will be entered into the category of “information not yet listed” until they actively click a link or view images (in case they’re not displayed automatically).


Undelivered newsletters.
The system divides bounce mailing (a newsletter that hasn’t been delivered) , into 2 categories:  

·        “Hard bounces” – the newsletter was not received due to a permanent problem. It could be that the recipient’s inbox doesn’t exist, has been canceled or misspelled. In the case of this error, the spelling of the addresses should be checked (“gmail” and not “gamil”, “yahoo” and not “yhaoo”). If the address is correct, it's possible that the inbox was canceled and there’s no point in sending more emails since it will never arrive.

·        “Soft bounces” – the newsletter was not received due to a temporary problem such as: a temporary mishap in the mail server, full inbox etc. in these cases the customer will probably receive your next newsletter and therefore should be kept on the mailing list.

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Analyzing delivery statistics
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