What does V.I.Plus do?
With V.I.Plus, you get an integrated, professional email marketing system that manages Loyalty Programs and large-scale, newsletter mailing lists. V.I.Plus allows you to edit and focus content-rich messages with lighting-quick, efficient distribution. And don’t worry about the size or quantity of your emails – V.I.Plus can handle it. V.I.Plus is ideal for sending out news updates, tips, info, marketing and sales materials, newsletters or whatever else you can think of.

V.I.Plus’ interface allows you to define and save tons of customer details including names, contact info, and other important data, so your mailing lists are always accurate and targeted. V.I.Plus helps you add an engaging, personal touch to all your materials. Mailing lists are saved within the system and can contain an unlimited number of recipients. You can even organize and divide your lists into groups, according to criteria you set. Best of all, you’ll be able to send messages to recipients through standard mail, email, or even text messages (SMS). To cap it off, you’ll be able to monitor your recipients’ responses – giving you measurable results that’ll help your business grow.

Why do I need V.I.Plus?
V.I.Plus empowers businesses to cultivate, maintain, and strengthen its connection with all customers - whether existing or potential. Create captivating loyalty programs that provide targeted, exclusive marketing information, newsletters, sales, campaigns, purchase suggestions, services, tips and so much more.

How does V.I.Plus work?
The V.I.Plus Mailing System is simple and intuitive. No matter your level of computer savvy, taking control of the V.I.Plus interface is easy! In no time at all, you’ll be putting together rich and diverse content in professional, pre-designed templates that engage and motivate your business mailing lists. And once your materials are out, managing and tracking its performance is just as simple.

V.I.Plus technology
V.I.Plus is the product of innovative, high-performance technology that works in accordance with Microsoft’s high standards. V.I.Plus was created in order to seamlessly fit and adapt to your needs with an Internet-based operating system – meaning it can be accessed from literally anywhere on earth.
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