• Send Metrics

    Send Metrics

    Keeps detailed, comprehensive reports on every message you send and data segmentation according to the recipient’s response.
  • Bounce Metrics

    Bounce Metrics

    Maintains total supervision over emails that did not reach their destination or have been rejected (bounced emails)
  • Autoresponders


    Creates an automated message which congratulates new recipients upon signup to your mailing list.
  • Facebook ‘Share’

    Facebook ‘Share’

    The familiar facebook ‘share’ button will be part of every email you send.
  • Website Integration

    Website Integration

    Integrate with any website or platform by adding a signup box. It's as simple as copying the code line and adding it to your site.
  • Facebook Wizard

    Facebook Wizard

    A Facebook app that allows you to add a “join our newsletter” tab to your business page.
  • RSS to Mail

    RSS to Mail

    Within seconds, you can add articles, photos, and complete content components through RSS feeds, from any site - directly to your newsletter.
  • Support


    We've put a great deal of time, effort and resources into making sure your user experience is comprehensive, intuitive, simple and effificent.
  • SMS Messaging System

    SMS Messaging System

    Take hold of Text Messaging (SMS) functionality that enables various composition and personal messaging options.
  • Designable Predesigned templates!

    Designable Predesigned templates!

    Get access to professional, beautifully designed templates to give your website the aesthetic edge it needs. No sweat. No problem.
  • Private label

    Private label

    Got an amazing-looking newsletter? Turn it into a template. It's as easy as a click of a button!
  • building blocks design tool

    building blocks design tool

    Professional design is just steps away with our upgraded design feature.
  • Responsive email and landing pages!

    Responsive email and landing pages!

    You'll have the comfort of knowing that your newsletter and landing page look great on any screen they're viewed on.
  • Shopping page

    Shopping page

    Instead of sending your recipient down to the store… Send down a shopping page.
  • Auto Sequence Mail

    Auto Sequence Mail

    Create personalized reminders to help you congratulate and alert your customers.
  • Birthday Greetings

    Birthday Greetings

    Let your customers know you care by wishing every one of them Happy Birthday! Don't worry about keeping track of all the dates – this awesome new feature will.
  • Open Pictures

    Open Pictures

    what you send is what they see! Sent images are immediately viewable when your customers open their mail.
  • Master Account

    Master Account

    Manage multiple email accounts for customers.
  • Smartphone Wizard

    Smartphone Wizard

    Your one stop shop for creating your very own smartphone campaign.
  • Landing page wizard

    Landing page wizard

    Build an independent Landing Page to support your campaign and generate leads.
  • API Mailing System

    API Mailing System

    Transform your mailing system into an integral part of your website or application.
  • Auto Launcher

    Auto Launcher

    Empowers you to conveniently send a targeted, timed emails to each customer, starting from the moment they join your mailing system.
  • Dashboard


    Gives you total control and supervision over your system output plus regular updates of mailing lists, and real-time data analysis.
  • List Managment

    List Managment

    Create and manage an unlimited number of mailing lists. Break down the existing data into different target audiences.
  • Simultaneous Delivery

    Simultaneous Delivery

    Add recipients to as many mailing lists as you like, and work with numerous mailing lists simultaneously.
  • Anti-Spam Policy

    Anti-Spam Policy

    Our strict anti-spam policy ensures our positive reputation worldwide, maximizing the system’s inbox delivery rate.
  • Language support

    Language support

    Create emails in any language, with a versatile interface that includes mailing templates in both left-to right or a right-to-left format.
  • Importing Contacts

    Importing Contacts

    Whether your contacts are in Excel, Outlook or a variety of other formats, you can import contacts from almost anywhere.
  • Block Prevention

    Block Prevention

    V.I.Plus takes the worry out of having your mail being blocked, identified as SPAM, stopped by spam filters, firewalls etc.
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