Auto Launcher

The V.I.Plus Mailing System innovating design allows you to easily and comfortably send a series of timed emails to each contact, starting from the moment he or she joins the mailing system.

Now you no longer have to choose between creating a unified mail for the entire recipient list and manually sending individual mails to newcomers. The "Auto Launcher" allows you to determine the time in which each mail will be sent to the recipients of a certain mailing list, according to predetermined criteria.  For instance: the first mail will be sent on signup day, a second mail will be sent after a week requesting the customer’s feedback on the purchased product, and thereafter a monthly (or by any other intervals) newsletter will be mailed. The outcome: the mail seems personal, while it is actually being sent automatically.

This application also allows you to follow up and analyze the success rates of your sent mails: how many recipients opened their mails, the Clicks through Rate (CTR), and how many mails were blocked or rejected.
You can create a new mailing order for each of your mailing lists.

Auto Launcher
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