Add targeted content to your campaigns

V.I.Plus continues to provide you with advanced personalization tools. Our new module enables you to build a targeted newsletter and automatically customized it to different customers’ characteristics.

First, Accept our apologies for the sexist illustration... we just wanted to illustrate the benefit of using our unique targeting module. With our targeting module you can add content that would be displayed only to contacts that meet specific criteria.

You probably know that you can manage different types of personalized fields (text, list, date, yes/no, etc.).

Now you can use those fields to collect personal information about your customers (for example, gender, anniversary day, subscription renewal date, customer status, interests), and target your campaign’s content according to that information.

Here are some examples for how you can use the targeting module:
Tourism agency can send vacations deals according to her readers’ preferred destinations
Add a coupon to your campaign and expose it only to new customers.
HR Company can send different position offers according to job preference field.

So how to add a targeted content to your campaign?

While editing the block click on the targeting icon:

Now fill the box with the conditions to show the block:

The condition is built out of 3 factors:
1. The field it refers to
2. The operator: Is / Is not / Contains / Exclude...
3. The field's value (i.e. Is Female, Contains Gmail, Birthdate is bigger than 01/01/1990

You can add more than one conditions with AND / OR operators between them.
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