“Send to a Friend” Button

“Send to a Friend” Button - to increase the newsletter’s exposure.
Digital Marketing in general and email marketing specifically are worthwhile and easily doable advertising methods. When it comes to sending a newsletter for example, all you need to do is have an account in an email marketing system and easily create and send newsletter. Delivery managers receive all the tools required for timing the newsletter and tracking results. And as of today, they have an additional tool to increase exposure even more: a “Send to a Friend” button.

Want your newsletter to go far?
“Send to a Friend” is the digital version of “word of mouth”. Whether you worked hard on a stunning newsletter or whether you’ve done it easily using your favorite template … up comes the fun part of the mailing process: the launch! And not long after that –reviewing the results! And don’t we all wish to see that the opening rate is as high as possible…?

Want more people to open your mail?    
How can you reach more people than those listed in your mailing list? Make it simple and easy for your customers to send a friend any newsletter they receive. This is in fact the internet version of the “refer a friend” system and “word of mouth” recommendations.

This method of referring email marketing messages to a someone not on your mailing list will assist you in adding new customers to your list, after having reached them through a shorter route and a more credible approach – the recommendation of a friend who sends the content because they are aware of the new recipients interests and not as a marketer who aims at different and unknown audiences.

True, some of your recipients may already be referring newsletter messages to their friends without you encouraging them to do so, but how many? And what are the results of this initiative? You won’t know unless you get involved. The “Send to a Friend” button is a new feature of the V.I.Plus system which enables the sender to provide the recipient with an easy way to spread the message.  It also lets you receive statistics about how many recipients have actually forwarded the newsletter to their friends and how many of those friends actually signed up to your mailing list as a result.

Adding a “Send to a Friend” button will upgrade any email marketing campaign
•    Potential customers who you weren’t even aware of; join your mailing list
•    These new referrals will be more open to your messages.
•    The customer who referred the newsletter will be a more satisfied customer once he or she knows that their friend is leading a positive interaction with the brand.

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