Networking through an Email Marketing System

Usually, the email marketing system is used for marketing and to maintain and strengthen customer relations. While this is the main purpose the system, it can be used to develop another type of relationship – networking with professional colleagues. Create a unique list of contacts; which includes people fit for future cooperation or those who can act as ambassadors for the business.

Email marketing activity which leads to a professional relationship

Creating an email marketing list which is composed of existing or potential customers is a common task – simply gather the details of anyone who’s ever purchased the product or showed interest in it. But how do you create an email marketing list for colleagues or people who haven't been customers in the past? How do you gather these recipients’ details?

Creating an email marketing list for networking:

First of all, just as any customer, past or present, is saved as a contact in your customer list, so does any businessman who has made at least one transaction with you or told you of a business area where cooperation could be profitable; should also be immediately saved in the “networking” list for future cooperation. Secondly, if you still haven’t had the chance to speak with people who may be appropriate additions to your networking list, now is the time to go out and meet them – at conventions, social networks, through relevant advertisements and even just handing out business cards.

Professional email marketing messages can maintain networking relations:

1.    In every email marketing message; treat all network members respectfully and seriously, even if they don't have an immediate effect on your businesses success. Listen to what they have to say, help them and use their help. If someone has chosen to be in a relationship with you, don’t disregard them.

2.    When considering whether to send a newsletter to members who seem to be less relevant, remember that each person in your network is a friend of other people who you may not know, and these "third party friends" could be the ones to help your business.

3.    Be active in the network: belonging to the network on paper won’t help cultivate your relationship with your colleagues. Create a continuous relationship with network members via email marketing messages, write to them, consult them, offer them help, update them with your news… the more active you are, the more you stand out so the more quickly and positively they’ll remember you when they need a professional of your kind.
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Networking through an Email Marketing System
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