Adjusting newsletters to a Mobile Phone Format

Don’t let your customers surf between your fingers…

Do you regularly send email marketing messages? want to increase its exposure and opening rate? One of the many strategies to exploit the full potential of a newsletter system includes adjusting the newsletter to a mobile format. Mobile surfing is gaining momentum and popularity as it allows people to do all the internet related activities they're used to on their computer, directly from their smart phone.  After all, mobile technologies allow people to stay connected even when they leave their computer; social networks like Facebook and Twitter are now available to the user through their mobile device 24/7, as are their email accounts. 

Mobile content consumers are a segmented target market just like any other. This group needs to be addressed to in its own language and offered solutions designed specifically for its own needs and expectations. Whether it’s a mobile campaign or a newsletter sent to a regular email account, the main question is whether your content is programmed and designed to be displayed effectively on a Smartphone’s screen?

Smart newsletter for Smartphone recipients
In today's world of instant communications and 24/7 availability, you have to be certain that your customers, however they choose to read your newsletter (computer, tablet of smart phone), will always see your newsletter in the best possible way, the way you intended.  So, you may have to adjust your newsletter to suit a variety of formats. Once your customers realize that they can read your emails on any device they want, they'll be more likely to open your any newsletter you send; anywhere.

•    Adjusting the newsletter to fit a mobile format – make sure that the mail template fits the mobile format so that the
     newsletter’s original design will open and display properly on the Smartphone screen.
•    Call for action –make sure that the buttons and links that you want the customer to click on are legible, clickable and lead 
     to the right location.
   Landing pages and forms – adjusting the newsletter to a mobile format also includes the landing page, and especially the      forms that you want the reader to fill in. If the process of filling in their details is difficult, then users may give up halfway
    through. Even if they intend to fill out the form later on a computer or a tablet, the chances are that they'll forget and – 
    you've lost a potentially valuable contact.
•   Design format – using impressive template designs definitely contributes to creating the required branding and the right
    impression.  There's no reason not to promote the same design in a newsletter sent to a mobile device. However, the
    mobile newsletter should have the option to display the content in a simple text format which the reader can choose if
    there is a problem with the display.

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Adjusting newsletters to a Mobile Phone Format
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