Att. Netanel Peretz – C.E.O, Bar Association
“Here, at the Bar Association, we are thankful every day for this wonderful system. It is convenient, user friendly, reliable, practical, and it answers all of our needs without any problems”.



NRG, ‘Maarive’ Newspaper Group 
“The system is simple and easy to operate!”
“It is  a readily available and completely reliable service that meets our satisfaction.”



Itay, System Manager, Milega
“This is a simple and easy system that gets the job done!”

“This system meets a very high technological standard, allowing you to open several windows at once and  work for instance, on several tasks, such as writing a letter/newsletter while simultaneously checking statistics.”



Sarit Henig – Unicef
“The system is very user-friendly. It helps us, especially as an organization that does not employ a graphic designer, since we can use the system’s powerful design capabilities and  design templates.”

“The system reports are very important to us. They allow us to know how many people opened and read our mails – which gives us important information regarding our interaction with our email readers.”



Vicki, Owner of “hug” website 
“This is a very good system that fits our needs and helps us a lot. One  big ‘plus’ in this system is the excellent customer service and support teams that come with it”.
Alex; Marcom manager at TAZZ business development and Marcom outsourcing.

“I have had past experiences with mailing systems… and it took hours to create a newsletter.

V.I.Plus is very intuitive and it enables me to create a high standard newsletter within a very short time.

A comfortable; friendly; functional system which truly understands the user.
In case where support and guidance are needed – the customer service is available immediately; which is very important.

So we just wanted to say thanks! 
Nirit Hann

Hello V.I.Plus;
I would like to start with a huge compliment – your system is amazing!

As a person with not much technical knowledge; I’ve managed to create a QR campaign and a landing page within seconds. This system is defiantly a treasure to me.
I recommend it to anyone I can.

Thank you kindly”.

Hi Michal;
You have no idea how using this system and listening to your instruction upgraded my work process.

I’ve already recommended it to two of my friends and next week I’m going to tutor them.
This evening I sent my first newsletter and I’m currently setting up my Facebook page.

Many thanks!
I’m sure we’ll speak and meet again.
Have a great weekend;
Keren Or; the Jewish theater

I am a new customer of your system.
I wanted to say thanks and show gratitude for the excellent interface and the efficiency it provides.

I surly hope to be a customer who will grow with you through out the years.

Well done!
Efrat Atias;
marketing and content manager;
“Tarpa” center of natural healing; Beer Sheva.

Hello Michal;
I wish to praise the outstanding V.I.Plus system which I joined about five months ago.

Thanks to its advanced abilities and friendly easy to use interface; I manage to create beautiful; high quality newsletters.

The system helps me monitor the mailing lists and analyze data which is essential for decision making.

Thanks to all of these benefits; I was able to improve the marketing performance and expand the mailing list by 300% within 3 months.

I especially wish to compliment the excellent customer service I receive when in need; wheatear it is by e-mal or phone – there is always an available professional and kind response and a quick efficient solution.

I am glad to have chosen you as a system provider.

First I would like to compliment your mailing system. I registered for your service in order to create landing pages but you gave me a full solution for all the rest.

Keep up the good work!
I’m glad I found you.
I will share on my facebook and also on a business index I’m part of (which just keeps growing for the past months).

Thanks and have a wonderful day;
Ben-Eliezer & Co. Law Offices

Hello Jonathan,
During the past few weeks I have been experimenting with your system as well as with other emailing systems.
I’d like to mention that your system was clear, comfortable and easy to use. I thought I would encounter many difficulties but gladly I found that your system meets most needs.
Behind every deal, there’s a person. and regarding that area I would like to compliment the great support I have received from Maya Barzilay all the way  through – each time I called there was a great willingness to help.
Thanks to her personal, friendly attitude,  I’ve decided to use your system rather than one of the many competitors. I am grateful for the patience, the attentive care and the solutions she instantly found.
I hope my use of the system will continue to be pleasant and simple.

Thank you
And have a wonderful week
Jamie Hall

Just wanted to compliment you on your great service! I enjoy it so much!!! I tend to be a life time user! Thanks so much again.... Just upgraded and I am so excited:)
Sam Rashid
Gentlemen, I am thoroughly impressed with your easy to use system - we have been ConstantContact users for the last eight years
and finally decided to try another email marketing system
I am really impressed with your system's ease of use and test emails sent to myself thus far!
I'm really impressed with the VIPlus. I've been searching for a good
CRM for the past 6 months and have trilled a few.... but so far this one
ticks all the boxes, and is at a reasonable price.
Thanks, Jovana
Hi VIPlus ! 
I just want to say that your platform is amazing ! I can easily and quickly realize a newsletter, download the HTML code and modifies it before sends it. 
The HTML code is very clean and easy to adapt to our sending system. 
To conclude : Un service parfait pour créer une newsletter professionnelle gratuitement ! :) 
Webmarketing department - MarketCapital - HelloBrokers 
Paris - TelAviv
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